What Is Defi Tiger (DTG)?

What Is Defi Tiger (DTG)?

Defi Tiger (DTG) is a community driven meme token running on the Binance Smart Chain, created to foster financial inclusion and raise awareness about Tigers generally

Defi Tiger (DTG) is a fully deflationary and decentralized asset that is created on the Binance Smart Chain network. The unique mission of DeFi Tiger is to increase global awareness of the dwindling tiger populations in the wild and promote the adoption of decentralized financial options worldwide.

DeFiTiger (DTG) token (BoundlessPay)


By linking the token to tiger conservation, the project aims to raise awareness of the important role tigers play in maintaining biodiversity. Additionally, as a decentralized asset, DeFi Tiger aims to offer greater accessibility and financial inclusion to people around the world.

DeFi Tiger is an exciting project that aims to make a meaningful contribution to both the DeFi and conservation spaces.

How Many DefiTiger Tokens (DTG) Are There In Circulation?

The total number of Defi Tiger Tokens (DTG) in circulation currently differs from the quantity when the project began in 2022.

Defi Tiger Token was created with a maximum supply of one quadrillion tokens, allowing users to retain billions or even trillions of tokens and produce huge profits even if the price stayed considerably below $0.0001.

When DTG launched the developers sent 300 trillion tokens to a dead wallet. Which amounted to 30% of the total supply. So the circulating supply of Defi Tiger Token is 650 trillion.

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