Qitmeer Network (MEER) is Now Listed for Trading on BoundlessPay.

Qitmeer Network (MEER) is Now Listed for Trading on BoundlessPay.

MEER token now listed on BoundlessPay

We’re happy to announce the listing of Qitmeer Network (MEER), for trading on BoundlessPay as a follow-up to our partnership with Qitmeer Network and to enhance your trading experience and suit your diverse trading interests.

Deposits: Open

Withdrawals: Open

Fiat Transactions: TBA!


About MEER Coin

MEER is the native utility token of the Qitmeer ecosystem. Qitmeer is committed to building a cross-border payment by leveraging its token, while also contributing to the development of the Middle East and Africa with blockchain technology through ethical & Islamic Finance.

Token Max supply: 214.24 million

Circulating supply: 31,584,879.97043432

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Risk Alert

Investments in cryptocurrencies are prone to significant market risk. Please use caution when making investments. BoundlessPay will use its best judgment to choose premium tokens, but it is not liable for your investment losses. BoundlessPay upholds the value of honest, transparent, and fair trade with no ulterior motive as a platform that values the community. We are dedicated to making trading in digital assets safer, faster, and more dependable for users.

For further information, you can reach BoundlessPay via

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