Gaming has come a long way from being just a pastime or amusement to becoming a major source of income. According to stats, the gaming sector is now worth more than $300 billion. This multi-billion dollar industry, one of the most lucrative in the world, is still expanding dramatically, you’ll see today how the gaming industry has changed over the years by looking at various business models, such as pay-to-play and play-and-earn and many more.

“Play-to-Earn” or P2E games have become extremely popular as more and more players explore ways to make money from their playtime. In recent times, Blockchain games offer rewards in coins, tokens, or real-world benefits to participants in play-to-earn games. These bonuses often take the form of in-game currency, which can be converted into real money or other benefits.

In the GameFi industry, Game-Fi which is a word combination of Gaming and Finance refers to the financial benefits players earn from interacting with the features in the games.

Games like Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena are very common examples of Game-Fi.

The introduction of NFTs in Blockchain gaming has improved the gaming industry by combining art, technology, and literacy making the game more interactive and also converting players into collaborators. can now collaboratively design, create, manage, use and enjoy universes thanks to NFT and blockchain.

We want as many players as your favorite universe design characters and can create or own avatars. You can also have a say in curating the games you love and share unforgettable experiences with friends in a world you design and partially own.

NFTs have huge potential in the gaming world as long as they are properly added.

Founder and CEO Angelic Erikan Bayol explained during a Q&A session with Coin Telegraph why Play-to-earn mechanics are “killing” blockchain games.

He claims that the play-to-earn philosophy is extremely restrictive and channels players’ attention more to the rewards than the fun of the games.We possible to enjoy Angelic and all its various features, including NFT.

We will still be a great sci-fi game set in a collaborative environment even if blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency disappear tomorrow. This shows that playability and long-term durability are our top priorities. Playtoearn elements can be effective in the short term, but they always spoil the title. In our view, Playtoearn is essentially a tool of corruption, where high-quality games don’t even need to entice players into playing.

Angelic encourages entertaining games. As a cooperative play-to-earn game, we offer a free multiplayer class. Our players not only enjoy our universe but also make many contributions to it. Create characters, help the government, compete professionally, compete with others, work with others to control industries, and conduct economic activities or they may simply enjoy the story. It is completely up to them, that’s why Angelic acts in a way that is unique and different from other Blockchain games.

“We don’t want all of our players to be motivated by their potential for financial gain.

We want them to be excited about the game and proud that they can contribute, own, manage and have fun together.

Many blockchain games were abandoned after the play to earn boom because they depended on irrational codes.

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