What Is Kasta?

What Is Kasta?

Kasta is a cryptocurrency payment platform that allows you to quickly and easily send, receive and swap crypto. $KASTA is the platform’s native utility token.

Kasta is a cryptocurrency payment platform to redefine digital payments. It does this by enabling borderless peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto transactions. Kasta’s platform, built on trust, innovation, and convenience, aims to push the globe toward global cryptocurrency acceptance and a crypto-based economy.

Kasta token (BoundlessPay)


The motivating factor behind the invention of this payment mode was to steer the world toward the adoption of a secure, easy, and low-cost electronic payment mechanism for products and services. The system is designed to allow even individuals with less cryptocurrency expertise to simply and comfortably transmit, receive, and store Bitcoin.


What Are Kasta Tokens?

KASTA are ERC20 tokens that are native to the Kasta platform and may be found on the Polygon network. KASTA tokens provide a broad range of applications and advantages inside the Kasta ecosystem, from fee reduction to staking bonuses. KASTA tokens will be critical to platform growth as they support Kasta’s aim of guiding the globe toward global cryptocurrency acceptance.


Who Founded Kasta?

Carl Roegind founded Kasta with Hans H Lusmagi, and Sebastian Appelberg. Carl Roegind is a Passionate Blockchain evangelist and Software Engineer with a knack for innovative problem-solving, building sustainable business models, and fostering growth and financial inclusion globally through cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. 

Overall, the Kasta team is made up of seasoned experts from many sectors of competence. Kasta’s purpose is to make all types of cryptocurrency payments simpler and easier for customers. To this end, they have outstanding legal professionals, engineers, operations staff, security experts, designers, and marketers that excel in going above and beyond their scope of responsibilities.


What Makes it Unique?

Building a worldwide climate that welcomes crypto is a primary objective for the blockchain sector as a whole. In today’s world, and especially given the recent surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain goods, it goes without saying that these technologies are here to stay and must now be integrated into the real-world economy.

Kasta is a project that intends to achieve exactly that by offering its user-friendly infrastructure that combines parts of traditional banking and cryptocurrency wallet solutions to create a hybrid payments service that enables fast and efficient payments in a borderless world.

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