Most Compliance-Focused Crypto Exchange of the Year 2022 – BOUNDLESSPAY

Most Compliance-Focused Crypto Exchange of the Year 2022 – BOUNDLESSPAY

Boundlesspay, a renowned secure financial application that converts cellphones into mobile-bank, allows users to perform several banking operations than traditional banks. It permits payment transactions in fiat or cryptocurrencies globally, and at favorable and durable rates. Boundlesspay strength has been realized to be ‘Customer-centric’. That is, they achieve a lot through their daily users and always put their customer’s needs and satisfaction as a top priority.

The 2022 Cyberchain Conference held in Lagos state on the 12th of November, paid host to top tech companies and their representatives. Some of these companies were Boundlesspay, Crypto Tv Plus, Women in DeFi, amongst others. The Theme for the Cyberchain Conference 2022 was “Embracing The Metaverse Economy”, the conference was hosted in Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos Island, Nigeria.

Cyberchain is a decentralized ecosystem that promotes the ethical use of blockchain and cyber security. During the course of the event, Awards were given in different categories and Boundlesspay was significantly awarded as the “Most Compliance-Focused Crypto Exchange of the Year 2022”. It was a great honor for the Team and entire staff of Boundlesspay to receive such an award, and it only reveals that the company has competitively remained in the bidding of regulatory bodies in the crypto space.

According to a LinkedIn post on the official Boundlesspay profile, the award was proven after a research pool was conducted by Cyberchain to get votes from community members. Users of several other Indigenous Nigerian Crypto Exchanges with the most security features including KYC, and MFA where Boundlesspay emerged winner with over 75% votes of the total votes.

In an appreciatory message by the Chief Marketing Officer of Boundlesspay, Mr. King-Son Ariwerokuma he made it known that; “Here at Boundlesspay, we know that there is a great secret in the “People-Power”, and we have continually esteemed our customers because they are family, and are the reason for every innovation(s) we take on (system upgrade). Being Customer-centric and prioritizing excellence, has helped us win over and again.”

Further disclosing that “The Chief Executive Officer of Boundlesspay, Mr. Franklin Peters, has invested a lot into Team-Play, which is yielding excellent results as this has reflected in their achievements. It takes a team that works together to win and to do it repeatedly shows that the vision has been bought by those involved. The stakes are higher, the competition has increased, and Cyberchain 2023 would definitely come with heat.

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