BoundlessPay Announces Strategic Partnership with Qitmeer Network

BoundlessPay Announces Strategic Partnership with Qitmeer Network

The partnership would build a bridge and foster a better relationship between BoundlessPay, Qitmeer network and the Nigerian crypto community at large.

BoundlessPay x Qitmeer

We are delighted to announce a partnership between BoundlessPay and Qitmeer Network to enhance trading experiences and meet diverse trading interests.

The goal of this partnership is to help build a bridge between the Qitmeer network and the Nigerian community. Ultimately the partnership seeks to build a bridge between the Asian crypto community and the Nigerian crypto community.

Furthermore, as a result of this partnership, we are excited to also announce that in the coming days, we will be listing $MEER, the Qitmeer network’s native token, for trading on BoundlessPay.

About Qitmeer

Qitmeer is a next-generation public chain built on BlockDAG that is devoted to serving the ecosystems of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investing, hence increasing financial inclusion and producing social impact.

By innovating its consensus mechanism workload proofing, Qitmeer aims to provide new solutions to enhance financial inclusion.

Qitmeer token & Islamic financial ecosystem

Qitmeer originates a UTXO-based unique token insurance scheme, which has effectively answered two main concerns: Intrinsic Value and Assets Authentication. Issuing a certain amount of assets must consume a certain amount of the native currency; moreover, entities must be warranted a license to issue assets.

Qitmeer devises specifications and support for protocols to embrace the Islamic financial ecosystem, such as wallets, miners and other necessities. As for interoperability, Qitmeer calls for utilising cross-chain protocols to integrate various cryptocurrencies and offer reliable off-chain smart contract services.

$MEER Token

$MEER is the native utility token of the Qitmeer ecosystem. Qitmeer is committed to building a cross-border payment by leveraging its token, while also contributing to the development of the middle-east and Africa with blockchain technology through ethical & Islamic Finance. 

Token Max supply: 214.24 million 

Circulating supply: 31,584,879.97043432

Listed exchanges: LBank, BKex, Candyswap, Jubi.

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Risk Alert

Investments in cryptocurrencies are prone to significant market risk. Please use caution when making investments. BoundlessPay will use its best judgment to choose premium tokens, but it is not liable for your investment losses. BoundlessPay upholds the value of honest, transparent, and fair trade with no ulterior motive as a platform that values the community. We are dedicated to making trading in digital assets safer, faster, and more dependable for users.

For further information, you can reach BoundlessPay via

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  1. This partnership is awesome. Goodluck BoundlessPay and Welcome to the Nigerian Market Qitmeer

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